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reading the best bravely second fanfic

The Best Bravely Second Fanfic - freakmoch - Bravely Default Video Game Related Fandoms

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Gen, M/M
Bravely Default (Video Game) & Related Fandoms
Tiz Arrior/Ringabel
Tiz Arrior, Ringabel (Bravely Default), Edea Lee, Agnès Oblige, Magnolia Arch, Yew Geneolgia
Part 2 of The Best Fanfics Of All Time
Published: 2016-05-08 Words: 60

The Best Bravely Second Fanfic


The 4 heroes of light reunite on a new journey, taking Yew and Magnolia with them. What new journey lies ahead for these 6 adventurers?

The word erupts in white light and suddenly, the 4 heroes of light are once again reunited.

Tiz and Ringabel make out passionately as they reunite once more.

Edea watches them, shoveling down 30 parfaits without blinking.

Agnes covers her eyes with Magnolia watching the two in high interest.

Yew takes notes.

The victory theme plays and the curtain falls.

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