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clampaign trading post

previous trader of 2009!

regular cards: 44
clamp cards: 12
school ids & clow cards: 0
card worth: 56

Lets trade! ouo

collecting: mchobitsfreya


collecting : empty



count 'em: 25

a bunch of cards i am keeping to myself! mein! not tradable
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count 'em: 31
2 pending

Cards for you too look at! Would you like some? tradable

What i like mchobitsfreya, mchobitselda, achobitsletme, xyoureyesonly
anime/manga car for anime/manga card, x card for an x card please ;-;


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In pending trades (not available):
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trinkets & School IDs

count 'em: 0

4 mokona
4 tokens


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inserted by FC2 system